I attended the AWA Spring 2023 Swapmeet today. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, maybe some crystals or cheap test equipment. There weren’t a lot of sellers, but some decent prices on some items. A Hammarlund HQ-100 caught my eye as it had a nice matching speaker, which I could use for my HQ-110. The seller was Janis AB2RA, AKA Wireless Girl. She didn’t want to separate the speaker from the receiver, but she was selling both for $80, which one probably could have gotten for just the speaker on eBay. Not only that, but this receiver was a project she worked on and wrote an article about in the February 2021 issue of “Electric Radio“. Power supply caps were new, a crystal calibrator was added, she improved several areas of the radio, and repaired IF transformer suffering from silver mica disease. She included a photocopy of the Electric Radio article, but I guess I need to order the back issue for my self. It documents all the improvements she made to the radio. So I thought, why not? So now I am the proud owner of 4 Hammarlund receivers.

Cosmetically is is good, but not great. But I think I can spruce it up a bit.

Hammarlund HQ-100A

I took some time to visit the museum as well. I haven’t toured it in a few years, and I like the new displays that have been added towards the back. The new working ham radio stations are coming along, though more antenna work is planned. Great weather and a fun time. Not as many sellers as I would have hoped for, but May through September has a lot of hamfests and flea markets in the area, and the net effect is sellers pick and choose which ones to attend.

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