K2AS XLX Reflector Info

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How To Access

With your favorite hotspot, connect to one of the following servers using Fusion/YSF or DMR. There are specific XLX settings in the DMR section.

  • XLX927 (TG6, Color Code 1, Slot 2 for DMR)
  • YSF-00927

Both of these will default to Module B. DMR and YSF should be able to communicate.

No special Talk Group should be required for DMR. You should be able to connect directly to XLX927 using the settings above.

Module A is reserved for D-Star. D-Star users for now, will only be able to communicate with other D-Star users. Here is the info on how to connect:

  • DPlus DTMF *927A
  • DExtra URCALL XRF927AL
  • DExtra DTMF B927A
  • DCS DTMF D927A

Module C is for DMR to DMR Contacts

  • Use Talk Group 64003

Modules D-J are for Future Use

Guidelines for Use

  • In short —- leave some space
  • If accessing the reflector using YSF or no specific module on DMR, wait 3 to 4 seconds before picking up the PTT after the other station stops talking.
  • Similarly, after you stop speaking, wait a second or two before letting go of the PTT button.

YSF and DMR to Wires-X Bridge

The XLX Reflector is bridged to Wires-X Room 21704 (XARC Room). The W2XRX repeater is also usually connected to the XARC Room (unless a user has moved it temporarily). This means that a user with an HT and a hotspot can connect to our W2XRX repeater with Fusion/YSF or DMR and carry on a QSO with a mobile user on the repeater.

The XLX027 reflector is on 24/7. The bridge to Wires-X Room 21704 is currently part-time, usually 8AM until 11:30 PM daily. It will vary if a repeater user enters Wires-X control mode and moves to another room as well.

The bridging hardware and software resides at the K2AS QTH. Power outages, hardware issues, home network and/or issues with my ISP can affect the operation of the bridge. Hopefully, these are rare.

Block Diagram