About Us

Founded in 1980 as the Xerox Amateur Radio Club in Webster, NY. Originally comprised of Xerox employees and families. In 2014 the club name changed to the XRX Amateur Radio Club, and is open to anyone.

Our club callsign is W2XRX. We have a 2 meter repeater, W2XRX on 145.29, which is located on a hill near Canadice, NY about 35 miles due south of Rochester, NY.  We also have a 440 machine (444.825mHz also W2XRX), and will be located in Chili, NY in the near future.  The repeaters are a Yaesu System Fusion DR-2X, and DR-1X respectively, but will work analog FM as well with a 110.9 Hz PL.  The 440 machine has D-Star capability as well.  More info in the Repeaters section.

Our current Board

  • President – Brian Donovan K2AS
  • Vice President – currently vacant
  • Secretary – Rich Hull K2RAH
  • Treasurer – Dusty Kramer KF2CF
  • Director – Bob Karz K2OID
  • Director – Fred Donahue W3MUD
  • Director – Ned Asam W2NED

Our mailing list info:

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