The XRX Amateur Radio Club spring 2021 Fox Hunt is this Saturday, May 8, 2021.

This fox hunt will be an on-foot only hunt as we continue to maintain social distancing a little longer. The hunt will be held at Ellison Park. We will meet at the parking area on Blossom Road . There are two parking areas fairly close together, but we will be at the one closer to Landing Road, near the Orchard Grove pavillion.

Registration begins at 9AM. There will be at least 3, maybe 4 foxes, all on 2 meters. It should be fun for all experience levels, and is a good way to practice your fox hunting techniques.

There will be walking involved, possibly as much as 1 – 2 miles during the event, depending on how many foxes you search for. Ellison Park is rather on the low side, so I can’t guarantee it won’t be wet in some spots, but we will attempt to avoid waterlogged areas. Parts of the park have steep elevation changes, but we won’t place foxes anywhere that may involve unsafe climbing or descending. But hiking footware is a plus.

An HT or scanner that receives 2 meters is all that is required to participate. Loop antennas, yagis, attenuators are nice to have, but not necessary. We have had a 1 person team with an HT with a rubber-duckie come in first place in the past. When the signal is pegging the s-meter, remove the antenna, and tune slightly off frequency, and use your body to determine direction.

Rules and additional info – click link.

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