This is a Map of System Fusion repeaters I copied from  It gives an idea of density and locations of System Fusion activity in the US.  In some places, like Phiily/NJ area, too many to individually show at this zoom level, so it just looks blurry blue.  Click on the Map for a larger version.

System Fusion Repeater MAP Feb 2018
System Fusion Repeater MAP Feb 2018
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1 thought on “Map of Fusion Repeaters

  1. Hi. I’m in Cape coral Florida and I’m interested in going into your room I’m fusion which I think is number 21704 I have a friend that lives off one of the finger Lakes he thinks he can get into your repeater if he buys a fusion radio he would join your club I can’t get into your room however I get a no data message on my FT 991 what am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help this is Bill In Cape Coral Florida I hang out in room 21805 thank you

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