A few years back I had kept seeing ads for Anderson Power Poles, and it seemed like I was missing the boat on these new connectors, which offered up to 30 amps in a handy configuration that offered some standardization in DC power connectors.  So thinking I was missing out on a new standard, I ordered some and began slowly converting some of my connectors.  I can’t say I saw anything special about them, and wondered if there was any advantage in them other than standardization.  But I never did any testing, or stressing of them.

I was watching HamNation Episode 203 on YouTube last week, and Gordon West WB6NOA was doing a review of Field Day and had unfavorable things to say about problems they had with Power poles.  Connectors breaking, voltage drops – he said despite their rating, they shouldn’t be used at anything more than 10 amps.

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