On Saturday, I went down and adjusted the squelch on the repeater. Not a pot, but a digital control on the screen.  Simple description:  it was set to “2”, I changed to “1”.  “0” would be off.

I am now able to key up the repeater and hear it with an 2.5 watt HT and a rubber duck.  I am 39.2 miles away and close to Lake Ontario. I couldn’t raise anyone yesterday, so today I went out at lunch time, and in the parking lot of building 207, still about 35 miles away,  I got into the repeater and talked with Steve KA1CNF with my HT.  My meter was a little under 1/2 scale.  Steve said I was a little noisy but copy-able.   I went to my mobile and we spoke both on analog and digital, and Steve sent a photo as he was driving into the city.  He was on digital when he went down into the Browncroft Blvd valley, and the audio did garble for about 5 seconds.

Then on the way home I talked with Tom KC2TCK, and we switched to digital and we both had solid copy all the way home on DN mode.  I can do the same with analog, but with a bit of noise.

I also spoke with Dave, KC2DQS, briefly, but we stayed on analog for some reason.

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