With cooperation from the weather man we were able to get the antenna up to about 165 ft today.   That would put it at about 1925 feet above seal level.   Initial indications are that there is a definite improvement, most places.  A few weeks of observation and use should tell us more.

Thanks to Tim Warth AA2RS, Mike Rink W2HYP, Dave Carlson KA2OQZ, and Mark Erdle AE2EA for all the help and hard work.


Here are some more photos:

[flagallery gid=31]

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1 thought on “Repeater Antenna Installed at Full Height

  1. This is great! Thank you for all the effort. From my home near Bushnell Basin, the repeater signal is full scale on the mobile S-meter — 59++. It sounds great!
    73, …Ned

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