Presentation for April General Meeting – Fox Hunting 101

XARC Meeting
April 9 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Webster Rec Center
1350 Chiyoda Dr., Webster,NY 14580
Presentation/Discussion for April 9 XARC General Meeting
Please join us for our General Meeting (Business and Presentation by Brian, K2AS; Jon, N2JAC; Fred, WO2P; Ned, W2NED). This month’s presentation will be “Fox Hunting 101”. Be prepared for the XARC’s May hunt!
Topics to be covered are:
  • What is fox hunting
  • Types of hunts
  • Rules, procedures, scoring
  • Equipment (receivers, antennas, attenuators)
  • Techniques (body fade, tune off frequency, maps/triangulation)
  • Foxes (building, using)
  • Advanced hunting equipment
  • Hunting hints
  • Demonstrations; and of course – story telling!
~ Rich, K2RAH

New Repeater Getting Ready

Thanks to Mike W2HYP and Fred WO2P, the new repeater is close to being ready for installation.  Mike donated this Motorola cabinet, and Fred made some modifications to allow our repeater to fit.

The cabinet is nice because it is fully enclosed, but it is very shallow.  The repeater depth was quite a bit deeper, so Fred reversed the orientation of the brackets to give us an additional inch and a half, then cut an opening in the rear cover of the cabinet to allow the repeater to protrude out the back.  Since the repeater is fully enclosed, it should be fine.

He also fabricated a shelf for the repeater, as Yaesu recommends a shelf to help support the weight.  Additionally, he made plates with threaded holes to captures the bolts to hold the repeater.  So it looks like a solid installation that should last for years and handle future expansion if required.

90% of the ventilation holes in the repeater chassis are outside of the cabinet, so cooling shouldn’t be an issue.

XRX Repeater Cabibet 3 XRX Repeater Cabinet 1 XRX Repeater Cabinet 2

Presentation/Discussion for March 12 XARC General Meeting

 Jon Dickason will make a presentation/discuss how the local ARES/RACES organization provides communications for public service events, exercises and local disasters, how we use APRS to do real time tactical mapping for these events, and how we create our own wireless Intranet using easily modified consumer wifi routers. RACES also regularly practices with Dept. of Homeland Security, FBI, ARMY, border patrol, etc., and local law enforcement.

Please join us for this presentation as well as our regular General Meeting agenda items.

~ Rich Hull, K2RAH

Weather at K2AS

I’ve had a personal weather station running at my QTH for about 6 years.  For the last 5 or so it has been feeding the data to a Linux PC running various version of Ubuntu, and using a software package “Wview” to process the information.  It created HTML pages, FTP’ed the files to my website, submitted data to the CWOP “Citizen Weather Observer Program”, and also submitted info the Weather Underground.  A few of years ago I added a webcam to the system.

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Local License Classes and Testing

RARA (Rochester Amateur Radio Association) will be holding amateur license classes this spring – from WB2SXY:

Classes for Tech, General and Extra will start 10 Mar 2015 at

RIT, Jefferson Road, Henrietta.

Classes will run for 10 weeks, ending 12 May 2015.

Exams for all licensees will be held also at RIT
on 21 Feb 2015, 21 Mar 2015, 18 Apr 2015 in the mornings.

see for details.

My eBay HQ-145-X

I bought this Hammarlund HQ-145-X on eBay.  I paid a little more than I planned, but I got tired of losing auctions.  Got it Monday, and there is little cosmetic damage.  Dirt, on the other hand, is a different story.  The cover is well ventilated with thousands of holes, and 50+ years of dust build-up was on the top of the chassis.  The underneath side was clean.  It did work – I heard signals with just a wire off the back of the radio.  Audio gain pot was noisy, some controls not real smooth.

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Repeater Back on the Air

Despite some rain and wind, Mike Rink W2HYP, Jim Stefano W2COP, and I managed to get our antenna mounted about 45 ft up the tower, and get the repeater on the air.

There is still an issue with the radio.  Seems squelch related, but while there, we could not find any simple answer.  It was working OK with some occasional issues that were minor compared to what it sounded like 6 weeks ago.
Even though the antenna will be going up another 120ft or so, I hear it fine from my shack with a collinear dual band up about 20 ft close to Lake Ontario.  It was fairly noisy mobile with a 1/4 wave north of 104.
Unless we get some unusually decent weather that falls on a weekend where Tim is free, we may wait until spring to raise the antenna.
I’ve gotten info that the Yaesu repeaters are taking 3-6 weeks to ship out.  So we may get it by the end of January.  They have shipped over 600 so far.  Very few have been turned down, usually due to incomplete paperwork.
Linking up to other systems (WiresX/Echolink. etc) will be in the not-to-distant future.
Thanks to Mike Rink and Jim Stefano for helping getting the antenna up and on the air today.  Thanks to Fred Miller WO2P for doing some metal work with the antenna mounts.
Also thanks to Tim Warth AA2RS for his work on the tower last week, and all the XARC guys mentioned previously who have helped with moving and antenna work.
Below is a photo of the hill where the repeater is located.  This is from Route 15A just south of Lima and before Hemlock.  There are two towers up there, and the bigger tower can be seen from here – it is 200ft and has a flashing light on top.


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