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Yaesu Plus FedEx Equals Stupid

My FTDX-101D went into Yaesu USA service in California for some relatively minor repairs last month.   I hated sending across the country from NY, but needed to be done.  It gets repaired, I get a tracking number for FedEx.  Says will be delivered Tues. Nov 29 by 4:30 PM, and is out for delivery on the 29th, and I will need to sign for it.   Stay home all day.  Around 2:30 PM, I see the FedEx truck drive by.  Hmm.  Around 4:30 PM, get a call from FedEx, they say “Are you expecting a package from Yaesu USA”?  Yes.  Do you live at 406 XXXX Road?  No, I live at 409 XXXX Road.  They said I need to call Yaesu, because they stipulate it cannot be delivered anywhere but 406 XXXX Road (which does not exist).  He said only Yaesu can fix this.  So I called Yaesu and explained.  OK, they took the info.  Next day, tracking tells me it is still delayed for wrong address.  I call Yaesu again.  Get the right person.  She calls FedEx.  They would not let her change the address.

Their solution?  It will be shipped back to Yaesu USA, they will make a new label.  So my radio, which was in a FedEx truck in front of my house yesterday, has to go to California again to have a new label made, because someone typed one wrong digit.  They say they will overnight it on the way back to me, but I’m more worried about the increased chance of shipping damage for two unnecessary cross country trips.

Yaesu says FedEx won’t allow them to change the destination address. I call FedEx, and they say Yaesu shipping instructions are that it can only be delivered to the address on the label. Which doesn’t exist. But apparently Yaesu can’t correct the address, though two people at FedEx said they could. They also can’t apparently send a new label to my FedEx local distribution center. FedEx kept telling me “our policy is to only deliver to the address on the label if that is what the shipper requests”. When FedEx called me Tuesday, they told me only the shipper can correct this. I said, but they tried and FedEx said no. She said, well maybe it was the wrong person at Yaesu. Huh? What?

I offered to come pick at up at the FedEx distribution center. They did not even know how to respond.

Yet I have the invoice. I have the tracking number. My name matches the name on the invoice. Any ID can confirm this. It required a signature. I am not a house number. But after travelling 2400 miles and passing a few feet by my driveway in a truck, FedEx and Yaesu decided it should travel another 4800 miles before they actually deliver it.

By the way, if there was a 406 XXXX Road, they would have happily delivered it to the wrong address. I guess their policies aren’t so foolproof.

The minor error on the label should not have created this silly situation. FedEx was no help at all, just kept telling me it’s their policy. I’m sure Yaesu and FedEx have been burned before by incorrect deliveries. Surely, this is not the best solution they could come up with. Institutional inflexibility. It is beyond stupid.

Yaesu Fusion Radio Comparison

There are often many questions on which radio is best if I want to work Fusion Digital C4FM mode?  It can be a complicated answer, depending on what you might want to do with it.

Disclaimer:  Don’t own or never used an FT2DR, FTM3200D, FT-991.  Only imparting info I have been able to glean from various sources about these radios.

Best to go to Yaesu website and study features in more detail after reading this.

A couple of assumptions:

  • Only comparing C4FM features or related
  • Only concerned with 2m and 440 where Fusion infrastructure might exist (repeaters and Wires-X nodes)
  • The FTM-400XDR is the gold standard – most features
  • Not mentioning basic features found on most FM radios these days
  • DN mode (digital narrow) includes advanced FEC (forward error correction) that increases range usuability


Image result for FTM-400XDR

Street Price – $549 as of 2/2017 (been creeping up)

Yaesu Info Page FTM-400XDR

Key Features
  • 3.5 inch TFT LCD Touch Screen display
  • GPS receiver built-in – Smart Navigation
  • APRS Modem
  • All C4FM modes, DN and VW (digital narrow and voice wide)
  • 2m and 440 bands, 2 VFOs (one digital)
  • Cross-band capable in analog mode
  • 3 watts audio on internal speaker
  • Can be used with camera mic to take and transmit photos
  • Can be used as Wires-X Node radio (not a cost effective option for this)
  • Callsign and  distance information displays during digital QSOs
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Only one VFO can be digital (one vocoder chip)
  • Not really a limitation, but display unit does not mount to main unit.  Designed to be separated


Street price Feb 2017 – $309

Yaesu Info Page FTM-100DR

Key Features
  • GPS receiver built-in
  • APRS Modem
  • All C4FM modes, DN and VW (digital narrow and voice wide)
  • 2m and 440 bands, only 1 VFO (not as convenient for APRS operation while using radio for listening/communicating)
  • 3 watts audio on internal speaker
  • Can be used as Wires-X Node radio
  • Can control a Wires-X node
  • Callsign and Distance info in digital QSOs
  • Micro SD card slot
Limitations vs. FTM-400XDR
  • Smaller display, no color, no touch screen
  • Menu driven with buttons
  • One VFO


Image result for FT-991 Yaesu

Street Price Feb 2017 – $1390

Yaesu Info Page FT-991A

Key Features

Obviously, not a great comparison, being a full HF radio, but will mention some features and limitations:

  • Covers 2m and 440 with C4FM
  • Wires-X capable (some early models may not, may be available with firmware update, not sure)


Street price Feb. 2017 – $149

Yaesu Info Page FTM-3200

  • 2 meters only
  • C4FM DN mode only (not really a problem.  Almost always DN recommended)
  • Can’t control Wires-X nodes via this radio.  Can still operate thru them if connected.
  • Can’t be used as a Wires-X node radio
  • No GPS – no distance during digital QSOs
  • No APRS
  • 3 watts audio
  • 220 memories



Street price Feb 2017 – $359

Yaesu Info Page FT2DR

Key Features
  • Dual Band 2m and 440
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Touch Screen display
  • GPS receiver
  • APRS
  • Wide band receive
  • Band scope
  • 5 watts
  • 700mW audio


Street Price Feb 2017 –  $299

Yaesu Website info – FT1XDR

Key Features
  • A Full featured HT – too many to list here
  • Dual Band 2m and 440 – 2 independant receivers
  • Micro SD card slot
  • GPS receiver
  • APRS
  • Wide band receive
  • Does have band scope – (limited display)
  • 5 watts
  • 200/400mW audio
  • Wires-X capable (not as a node)
  • Works with camera mic – can take and xmit photos.  Not view.

2016 XARC Annual Spring Hidden Transmitter Fox Hunt

Please join us for a fun morning of direction finding with your HT radio! You will learn the tips and tricks on how to find a hidden transmitter in the great outdoors! Please bring your friends and kids. Not everyone needs a radio – once you get close, they can help search visually. Everyone is welcome, and an amateur license is not required. Please RSVP with your call sign and cell phone number to the hunt-masters below so that we can update you in case there is a last minute change. We will meet for lunch following the hunt.

When:  Saturday May 14, 2016

Registration: 9:00

Hunt Begins: 9:30

Where: o Webster Town Recreation Center o Chiyoda Drive, Webster, NY 14580

Talk in channel:  145.29 XARC Repeater (110.9PL)

RSVP with Hunt-masters:  Bill Kurrasch, K2WEK,, 585.303.7878

 Paul Kurrasch, KC2GTO,, 585.645.2138

System Fusion Net

We attempted a Fusion net tonight on the W2XRX repeater, but someone had a stuck mic about 4 minutes before the net started.  The repeater timed out, and I’m guessing the signal was on the input for some time, because the repeater would not transmit again for about 40 minutes.

So we had to postpone, but will try again tomorrow (Wednesday Sept 23rd at 8:30PM).

September General Meeting to be a Tour of the AWA

The September meeting of the XARC will be a tour of the Antique Wireless Association museum in Bloomfield, NY. The tour is scheduled for September 10 at 7:00PM. We will be meeting at Cheap Charlie’s at 6:00PM for food if interested. Friends and significant others are invited.  A map to the AWA is included in their Website under “About Us / Location and Campus Details“.

Admission is $7, cash or check (no credit cards).

Please join us for the first meeting of the fall.

Rich, K2RAH

Anderson Power Poles

A few years back I had kept seeing ads for Anderson Power Poles, and it seemed like I was missing the boat on these new connectors, which offered up to 30 amps in a handy configuration that offered some standardization in DC power connectors.  So thinking I was missing out on a new standard, I ordered some and began slowly converting some of my connectors.  I can’t say I saw anything special about them, and wondered if there was any advantage in them other than standardization.  But I never did any testing, or stressing of them.

I was watching HamNation Episode 203 on YouTube last week, and Gordon West WB6NOA was doing a review of Field Day and had unfavorable things to say about problems they had with Power poles.  Connectors breaking, voltage drops – he said despite their rating, they shouldn’t be used at anything more than 10 amps.