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Misc News and Notes

A few items of interest –

  • Next meeting – more details forthcoming but the main topic will be whether the club supports the possibility of re-establishing our 440 repeater.  We have a possibility of a site, not in an ideal location for most XARC members (the west side is NOT the best side ;-), and it looks like we might be able to do this rather economically.  So we plan on discussing further at the next meeting and probably taking a vote as to whether we move forward.  Please plan to attend if you are interested.  That’s Feb 9 at 6 PM.
  • Also at next meeting – possibility of a couple club projects – 6 Meter halo antenna and/or all band 300 watt amplifier might be discussed.
  • I purchased a FTM-100DR to have as a full-time (or almost) Wires-X node to free up one of my FTM-400’s for a base radio.  Now I need to put up a second antenna.
  • By the way, I paid under $300 for the FTM-100DR.  I think I paid over $500 for a Kenwood TM-733 at the Rochester Hamfest in the early-mid 90’s.  It was a nice radio and could receive two bands at once, but it didn’t have a GPS receiver, APRS, or digital.
  • Looks like Yaesu has a lower cost C4FM fusion handheld on the way.  The FT-70DR was seen on the FCC website for testing.  I’m guessing under $200 and somewhat de-featured from the FT1D.  Maybe no GPS.  Probably hear in a couple months.
  • Heard a couple new guys in the area on Fusion.  A couple had FTM-3200’s they got for Christmas and a couple with FT-991.  Don’t have their callsigns handy – but if you have Fusion, listen for these guys and please answer if you hear them call.  One reason why I got another rig, so I can answer them easier.
  • Heard a talk about Fusion from a Yaesu guy who indicated Fusion C4FM was nearly identical to APCO P25 Phase 1, but the FCC asked them to make a small change (one bit) to make them incompatible.

Hope to see you on Thursday Feb 9,

Brian – K2AS

Yaesu FTM-3200DR Fusion Radio Special

FYI – The cheapest way to get on Fusion.  Now $134.95 at HRO.-

Probably similar prices elsewhere.

Drawbacks compared to the FTM-100DR ($309):

  • Only 2 meters
  • No APRS support
  • No GPS
  • Can’t control Wires-X digital nodes
  • Can’t be used as a Wires-X node


  • Cheap
  • Will work Fusion C4FM / thru Fusion repeaters with Auto Mode Select
  • Analog FM also
  • Can work distant stations via Wires-X if repeater is already connected or someone else connects.
  • 65 watts
  • Cheap

I would definitely recommend the FTM-100DR or FTM-400XR, but if the advantages of it don’t interest you, the FTM-3200 is still a good radio to work through our repeater with and at least take advantage of the digital mode.


Yaesu Fusion News

Hopefully many XARC members have put a Fusion radio on their Christmas or Hanukkah wish list.  A couple of things worth noting:

The mobile radio, FTM-400DR is being closed-out.  At AES, it is $509 with a $100 rebate.  At HRO $389 after rebate (might just be until 11/30)
The reason it is being closed out, is that it is being replaced by the FTM-400XD.  This is listed at $639 at AES and HRO, plus a $100 rebate.
Reportedly, the new radio has corrected some issues with finals blowing on the FTM-400DR due to some faulty relays.  I don’t know how many have had problems, but even under warranty, it requires being sent back to California for a month or so.  Knock on wood, mine has been OK at high power, and I’ve had it 11 months.  Not sure what other changes might be on the radio.
So the new radio is listing a little higher ($639 vs $609) than the FTM-400DR was selling for before the closeout.
The FT1D Fusion handheld is $249 at HRO.  The FTM-100 is $339 after rebate.

FTM-400 Users

If you have an FTM-400, they have released new firmware.  The only major change I know of is release of programming software for the memory, which is supported in the new firmware.  I have updated mine, not too difficult.  All SW and instructions on the Yaesu site.

Glad I didn’t buy that 3rd party programming software yet.  The Yaesu software works fine.