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Repeater Update

Harry W2HRY and myself replaced our 2 meter DR1X repeater with a new DR2X model. All went well and settings are the same for the moment. We will likely move from a CTCSS Tone Squelch to a DCS (Digital Coded Squelch) system in a couple of months.

DCS is a newer and better system from a performance standpoint. It will hopefully eliminate squelch hang and noise.

Here is a photo Harry took –

Fusion Radio Price Updates

As of Nov. 5 – some include coupons which expire. Check with retailer or Yaesu. These are HRO prices:

  • FTM-3200DR – $114.95 after rebate! 2 Meters only mobile
  • FTM-3207DR – $114.95 after rebate! 440 Only mobile
  • FTM-7250DR – $199.95 Dual Band mobile
  • FTM-100DR – $264.95 – after coupon/rebate dual band mobile , APRS, GPS
  • FTM-400XDR – $459.95 Dual Band mobile, APRS, GPS, color touch screen
  • FT-70DR – $144.95 – after rebate/coupon, dual band HT
  • FT-2DR – $359.95 – Dual Band HT, APRS, GPS, Touch screen
  • FT-3DR – $399.95 – Dual Band HT, GPS, APRS, Color touch screen

Fusion Nets

Just a reminder of a couple of nets that the W2XRX 2 meter repeater will often be connected to:

  • Southern Tier Fusion Tech Net – Sundays 8:00PM
    Access is through W2XRX repeater DN mode C4FM. The room number is 40963 for anyone who wants to connect direct. Check-ins encouraged
  • MNWIS Fusion Technical Net – Mondays 8:30PM. DN Mode C4FM. The 2 meter repeater is usually connected via K2AS Wires-X node. Check-ins only with announcements, questions, comments. Room is 21493

New Dual Band Fusion Transceiver

Another option for Fusion will be available soon.    The FTM-7250 looks like the single band FTM-3200 (2m) and FTM-3207 (70cm), but will operate both bands.  It is still waiting FCC acceptance, but expect it to run somewhere between $220 and $250.  The FTM-100 is $308 right now and has APRS capability.

More info at

Map of Fusion Repeaters

This is a Map of System Fusion repeaters I copied from  It gives an idea of density and locations of System Fusion activity in the US.  In some places, like Phiily/NJ area, too many to individually show at this zoom level, so it just looks blurry blue.  Click on the Map for a larger version.

System Fusion Repeater MAP Feb 2018
System Fusion Repeater MAP Feb 2018

New Fusion Repeater VE3BUY

Saw this just went on the air – near Cobourg.  146.895 MHz.  162.2 Hz tone on FM.  It is pretty strong at my QTH, it’s antenna is over 1100 feet and not far from the lake.

It has Wires-X capability as well.  I’m going to listen in the upcoming days and see what kind of activity it has.

System Fusion News

The lower cost single band UHF 440 transceiver is now available. The FTM-3207 should be order-able from most retailers.
The interesting news is they have made this radio capable of controlling a Wires-X node. That is, from the front panel and microphone keypad, you can connect to a Wires-X node and connect to other nodes and rooms. This feature was not previously available on the lowest cost C4FM radios, the 2 meter FTM-3200 and FT-70 HT. But as of today, both of those radios are now upgrade-able with a firmware update.

All of these radios are under $200, and the FTM-3200 was going for $135 earlier this year.

The link below has a video on how it works on the UHF FTM-3207.

Put one of these on your gift to yourself list
-Brian K2AS