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Club History

1993 ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes

In the late 80s and much of the 90s, the Rochester VHF Group sponsored a local club competition to spur activity in the ARRL January VHF Sweepstakes contest. XARC participated for several years, and won the local club competition several times, including 3 years in a row, finally retiring the “Rochester Cup” in 1996.

Though doing so well in the local club competition was a highlight, maybe the most impressive feat was winning the ARRL Gavel for the Medium Club Category in 1993. Only 3 clubs outscored us in the Unlimited category, placing us fourth in the country. We had 37 participants, and likely the most serious of our VHF/UHF active members gave their scores to the Rochester VHF Group.

Here is a screen capture of the results in QST from the June 1993 issue:

Club Archives

I picked up the club archives from Mike Ishler yesterday.  There is some good info in there, like what we paid for the repeaters and duplexers, antennas, equipment, etc.  Old logbooks, awards, QSL cards, and various paperwork.

The most interesting find were old club newsletters and meeting minutes.  These are by no means complete, but is still a good amount.  I have to thanks all the previous club secretary’s and other officers who kept these records.  Newsletters pretty much stopped in the late 1990’s, with a couple of exceptions.  Much club business and discussions took place via email, and eventually club news via website.  The old websites are pretty much lost, though I think I’ve saved most photos, and some club meeting minutes are somewhere in the xarc@yahoogroups archives.

I hope to be able to scan our old newsletters at some point.  The 1981 ones are on the History page.  I hope to be able to add some other info from the archives as well.

For the time being, I’ve volunteered to be the home for the archives.  Until I can’t.