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Nominations and Elections for 2016 Officers

Per XARC by-laws, we will be soliciting nomination’s for 2016 club officers at the October General Meeting. Elections will be held at the November General Meeting with the newly elected taking office on January 1, 2016. The positions up for election are:

President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, (all one-year terms)and one Director (a three-year term).


Section 5.1: Annual elections shall be held at the General meeting in November. At this meeting, the membership shall elect the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and one Director. Nominations shall be solicited from the floor at a fall meeting and a list of potential Candidates for office shall be made known to members of the Club by way of its communication medium at least thirty days prior to the November meeting during which elections will occur. The vote shall be by secret ballot and shall be tabulated by three disinterested members. The candidate receiving the majority of valid votes cast will be declared the winner. In absence of a majority, the two candidates with the largest number of votes shall participate in a run-off election to be held at the General meeting in November.

Section 5.2: Elected and appointed Officers and Directors shall take office on January 1 of the following year.

Section 5.3: The President, the Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer shall serve terms of one year.

Section 5.4: Directors shall serve terms of three years. One shall be elected each year such that the three terms of Directors are staggered. In the event more than one position is vacant, those elected shall draw straws to determine who shall serve each term.

~ Rich, K2RAH

Presentation for April General Meeting – Fox Hunting 101

XARC Meeting
April 9 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Webster Rec Center
1350 Chiyoda Dr., Webster,NY 14580
Presentation/Discussion for April 9 XARC General Meeting
Please join us for our General Meeting (Business and Presentation by Brian, K2AS; Jon, N2JAC; Fred, WO2P; Ned, W2NED). This month’s presentation will be “Fox Hunting 101”. Be prepared for the XARC’s May hunt!
Topics to be covered are:
  • What is fox hunting
  • Types of hunts
  • Rules, procedures, scoring
  • Equipment (receivers, antennas, attenuators)
  • Techniques (body fade, tune off frequency, maps/triangulation)
  • Foxes (building, using)
  • Advanced hunting equipment
  • Hunting hints
  • Demonstrations; and of course – story telling!
~ Rich, K2RAH

Presentation/Discussion for March 12 XARC General Meeting

 Jon Dickason will make a presentation/discuss how the local ARES/RACES organization provides communications for public service events, exercises and local disasters, how we use APRS to do real time tactical mapping for these events, and how we create our own wireless Intranet using easily modified consumer wifi routers. RACES also regularly practices with Dept. of Homeland Security, FBI, ARMY, border patrol, etc., and local law enforcement.

Please join us for this presentation as well as our regular General Meeting agenda items.

~ Rich Hull, K2RAH

Rochester mini maker faire…

[xarc] Rochester mini maker faire…

is Saturday November 22nd at the riverside convention center. I’m running the multi-club ham radio booth and we will have code keys for kids to build, homebrew and kit radios to show off, antennas, APRS, hidden transmitters, high altitude balloon trackers, broadband hamnet mesh, and more.
I have most of the volunteers I need but you are welcome to come hangout with us. tickets are cheaper in advance. bring kids if you have them. check out the booths about robots, astronomy, microcontrollers, arts and crafts, and 90 more.
if you have a DIY radio gadget you want the kids to see, please get it to me so we can display it.