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First licensed in 1971 as WN2CRR, I upgraded to General Class in 1973 and became WA2CRR. In 1975 I obtained an Advanced class. In 1997 I changed my call to W2CRR, but then upgraded to Extra class and became K2AS. First joined XARC in 1980, and have been Secretary and President at various times.

Fusion Radio Price Updates

As of Nov. 5 – some include coupons which expire. Check with retailer or Yaesu. These are HRO prices:

  • FTM-3200DR – $114.95 after rebate! 2 Meters only mobile
  • FTM-3207DR – $114.95 after rebate! 440 Only mobile
  • FTM-7250DR – $199.95 Dual Band mobile
  • FTM-100DR – $264.95 – after coupon/rebate dual band mobile , APRS, GPS
  • FTM-400XDR – $459.95 Dual Band mobile, APRS, GPS, color touch screen
  • FT-70DR – $144.95 – after rebate/coupon, dual band HT
  • FT-2DR – $359.95 – Dual Band HT, APRS, GPS, Touch screen
  • FT-3DR – $399.95 – Dual Band HT, GPS, APRS, Color touch screen

Latest Mobile Setup

Added a second NMO mount on my vehicle.  I wanted to utilize my FT-857 to work HF and 6 meters.  Here it is with a 19″ dual band and a 1/4 wave 6 meter:



I have 40, 20, 15, 10, and 6 meters antennas.  Mostly hamsticks and an NMO to 3/8th adapter.


And the rigs:






Weekend Propagation

I hope people got a chance to work some DX this weekend.  20 Meters was wide open all night Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I actually heard more DX stations than US.  Several Australia and New Zealand stations were heard at S7-8 at my QTH.  Dozens of Russian calls were heard at 59+.  Hopefully these conditions will persist for the near future.

Bad Day for a Wedding

After missing this years Field Day to go to my son’s graduation from the Police Academy, I was looking forward to next years FD.  Then I got an email from one of my wife’s Aunts.  Her daughter, who we are Godparents of, is getting married June 27, 2015!  In Colorado.

Looks like I’ll have to wait for the 2016 FD.

Registering Issues

After filling out the Registration form and submitting, you should get a message that an activation email was sent to you.  If you didn’t receive it, check the following:

  • The activation email may be flagged as spam by your email program or provider (mine was).  If you system is webmail based (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc), check the Spam or Junk Mail folder.  If you use an email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc), you may have spam protection that diverts to a junk mail folder or similar.  Some ISP’s filter email for Spam before it gets to you (RoadRunner and others).  The only way to see this is to use their Webmail option and check for legitimate email that may have been flagged as Spam.
  • Possibly there was a typo in your email address.  You might try again if this might be the case

Membership Drive

In order to continue as a club, we need some minimum number of members, and collect modest dues to cover our costs. So it is that time of year to chip in for the upcoming year.
It also wouldn’t hurt if we picked up some new members. So if every existing member could find 2 new members to join the club, we would be in excellent shape going into the future. I know I can think of at least two people who might be enticed to join our organization. Even if all of us only got 1 new member to sign up, it would be huge. So spread the word, tell them about our website, lets see if we can at least get 20 new members.