Misc News and Notes

A few items of interest –

  • Next meeting – more details forthcoming but the main topic will be whether the club supports the possibility of re-establishing our 440 repeater.  We have a possibility of a site, not in an ideal location for most XARC members (the west side is NOT the best side ;-), and it looks like we might be able to do this rather economically.  So we plan on discussing further at the next meeting and probably taking a vote as to whether we move forward.  Please plan to attend if you are interested.  That’s Feb 9 at 6 PM.
  • Also at next meeting – possibility of a couple club projects – 6 Meter halo antenna and/or all band 300 watt amplifier might be discussed.
  • I purchased a FTM-100DR to have as a full-time (or almost) Wires-X node to free up one of my FTM-400’s for a base radio.  Now I need to put up a second antenna.
  • By the way, I paid under $300 for the FTM-100DR.  I think I paid over $500 for a Kenwood TM-733 at the Rochester Hamfest in the early-mid 90’s.  It was a nice radio and could receive two bands at once, but it didn’t have a GPS receiver, APRS, or digital.
  • Looks like Yaesu has a lower cost C4FM fusion handheld on the way.  The FT-70DR was seen on the FCC website for testing.  I’m guessing under $200 and somewhat de-featured from the FT1D.  Maybe no GPS.  Probably hear in a couple months.
  • Heard a couple new guys in the area on Fusion.  A couple had FTM-3200’s they got for Christmas and a couple with FT-991.  Don’t have their callsigns handy – but if you have Fusion, listen for these guys and please answer if you hear them call.  One reason why I got another rig, so I can answer them easier.
  • Heard a talk about Fusion from a Yaesu guy who indicated Fusion C4FM was nearly identical to APCO P25 Phase 1, but the FCC asked them to make a small change (one bit) to make them incompatible.

Hope to see you on Thursday Feb 9,

Brian – K2AS


Reminder – The monthly meeting of the XARC will be held Thursday, January 12 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at the Webster Recreation Center in Webster, NY. Check our Calendar for details and a map.

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~ Rich, K2RAH