Spring 2016 Foxhunt Results

The XRX Amateur Radio Club held its 2016 Spring Foxhunt on Saturday May 14.  Bill Kurrasch K2WEK and Paul Kurrasch KC2GTO were the huntmasters.  There were a total of nine participants among 5 teams.  The hunt consisted of four transmitters hidden around the Webster area, all on the 2 meter band.  We started at the Webster Recreation Center.  Luckily the predicted rain held off and the hunt was mostly dry.  Rich Hull K2RAH proved that no special equipment is required, finding all four Foxes first, in less than 2 hours going solo, with only 2 handhelds.  No yagi, no attenuator, no GPS, etc.  All teams successfully located all four foxes.  The final rundown:
  • Rich Hull  K2RAH, 40 out of 40 Points
  • (Tie) Brian Donovan K2AS, Jon Dickason N2JAC 33 Points each
  • Bob Karz K2OID 28 points
  • Chris Wainer and Harry Ramos W2HRY 23 Points
  • Ned Asam W2NED, Gregory Asam, Vince Burolla W2VAB 23 Points (Late Start)
Thanks to Bill and Paul for a fun hunt, and looking forward to our next one in the fall.

2016 XARC Annual Spring Hidden Transmitter Fox Hunt

Please join us for a fun morning of direction finding with your HT radio! You will learn the tips and tricks on how to find a hidden transmitter in the great outdoors! Please bring your friends and kids. Not everyone needs a radio – once you get close, they can help search visually. Everyone is welcome, and an amateur license is not required. Please RSVP with your call sign and cell phone number to the hunt-masters below so that we can update you in case there is a last minute change. We will meet for lunch following the hunt.

When:  Saturday May 14, 2016

Registration: 9:00

Hunt Begins: 9:30

Where: o Webster Town Recreation Center o Chiyoda Drive, Webster, NY 14580

Talk in channel:  145.29 XARC Repeater (110.9PL)

RSVP with Hunt-masters:  Bill Kurrasch, K2WEK, bkurrasch@rr.rochester.com, 585.303.7878

 Paul Kurrasch, KC2GTO, pek7826@yahoo.com, 585.645.2138

May 2016 General Meeting Agenda

Reminder – The monthly meeting of the XARC will be held May 12 from 6:00PM to 8:00PM at the Webster Recreation Center in Webster, NY. Check our Calendar for details and a map.

  • April Minutes
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Repeater Update (and re-scheduling the work party)
  • 2016 RARA Hamfest Presence
  • 2016 Field Day & Committee Discussion
  • T-shirts/Cap Discussion (including club logo)
  • Spring Fox Hunt
  • Club QSL Card Discussion
  • What have you done the past month, re: ham radio?
  • Show and tell
  • This month’s presentation – Steve (KA1CNF) is presenting Raspberry Pi, etc projects overview