XARC Elections, November General Meeting

The following names have been received as interested candidates for the below listed positions. Other interested XARC members should announce their candidacy ASAP. Formal nominations will be solicited from the floor at the November General Meeting with voting to follow.  XARC Full (voting) Members in good standing are eligible to hold office and/or vote. Full Members shall be 21 years of age, hold a valid FCC amateur license, and be current, re: dues.

  • President (one-year term) – Brian Donovan (K2AS)
  • Vice-president (one-year term) – Rich Hull (K2RAH)
  • Secretary (one-year term) – Harry Ramos (W2HRY)
  • Treasurer (one-year term) – Rick LaDonna (N2IJI)
  • Director (three-year term) – Bob Karz (K2OID)

Elections will be held at the November General Meeting (November 12) with the newly elected taking office on January 1, 2016.

~ Rich Hull (K2RAH)

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