XARC Fall Fox Hunt

Come join us at this year’s Fall Fox Hunt

Where: Starting at Brighton Park off Westfall Rd

When:  Saturday, October 3rd, 2015, at 9:00am

Come join XARC and area HAMs for this year’s Fall Fox Hunt.  The hunt is open to all amateur’s regardless of club affiliation or previous experience.  If you’re new, all you need to get started is a radio capable of receiving on 2 meters.  A directional antenna would be a help, and you can find directions to build a simple one with most of the parts from the local hardware store, just google “tapemeasure antenna” or follow this link: bit.ly/tapemeasureantenna

We will start off at Brighton Park at Westfall Rd at 9:00am.  An in-park mini-hunt will commence to allow equipment testing and for first-timers to get a little help and ask their questions of the more experienced group.  Then you’ll set off through Brighton the City, and possibly other surrounding towns to find several foxes.  For first timers, see how many you can find!  For the experienced hunter, see if you can be the first to find them all.  Hints will be provided during the hunt to help those along who are new and get stuck, specifics to be announced at the event.  The event will end around noon, with the group headed to a lunch spot to determine the winner.  This event coincides with Rochester River Romance weekend, so stick around after the hunt for some fun and history regarding our city!


Teams can consist of up to 4 people in a group, which can travel together by a single car, or for this hunt, by bike.  Teams may not split up their members across multiple physical locations.

Members of the teams do NOT need to be HAMs, so long as they do not transmit of course.

Hunters must be at the park prior to the 9:30 start time to register or they will be disqualified.

No outside help and no starting early!

Foxes will be on “public” property and reachable with a short walk from a parking area.  Think parks, trails, canals, rivers, etc.  All hiding locations will be south of “downtown.”

Please note: There are several government owned facilities in the area (ROC Airport, EOC, 111 Westfall, etc).  Foxes are not hid at these locations, and you should not be hunting from them.  You also won’t need to trespass, climb, swim, etc, but a decent pair of boots isn’t a bad idea.  Additionally, any area that ends up being closed or with restricted entry as part of other events in the city such as the River Romance festival will not be home to a Fox.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email and I’ll get them addressed.

Hope to see you all at Brighton Park on Saturday, October 3rd at 9:00am.



System Fusion Net

We attempted a Fusion net tonight on the W2XRX repeater, but someone had a stuck mic about 4 minutes before the net started.  The repeater timed out, and I’m guessing the signal was on the input for some time, because the repeater would not transmit again for about 40 minutes.

So we had to postpone, but will try again tomorrow (Wednesday Sept 23rd at 8:30PM).