Repeater Notes

On Saturday, I went down and adjusted the squelch on the repeater. Not a pot, but a digital control on the screen.  Simple description:  it was set to “2”, I changed to “1”.  “0” would be off.

I am now able to key up the repeater and hear it with an 2.5 watt HT and a rubber duck.  I am 39.2 miles away and close to Lake Ontario. I couldn’t raise anyone yesterday, so today I went out at lunch time, and in the parking lot of building 207, still about 35 miles away,  I got into the repeater and talked with Steve KA1CNF with my HT.  My meter was a little under 1/2 scale.  Steve said I was a little noisy but copy-able.   I went to my mobile and we spoke both on analog and digital, and Steve sent a photo as he was driving into the city.  He was on digital when he went down into the Browncroft Blvd valley, and the audio did garble for about 5 seconds.

Then on the way home I talked with Tom KC2TCK, and we switched to digital and we both had solid copy all the way home on DN mode.  I can do the same with analog, but with a bit of noise.

I also spoke with Dave, KC2DQS, briefly, but we stayed on analog for some reason.

Repeater Antenna Installed at Full Height

With cooperation from the weather man we were able to get the antenna up to about 165 ft today.   That would put it at about 1925 feet above seal level.   Initial indications are that there is a definite improvement, most places.  A few weeks of observation and use should tell us more.

Thanks to Tim Warth AA2RS, Mike Rink W2HYP, Dave Carlson KA2OQZ, and Mark Erdle AE2EA for all the help and hard work.


Here are some more photos:

[flagallery gid=31]


May 9 @ 9:15 am12:00 pm

Saturday May 9th will be XARC’s famous Spring Foxhunt hidden transmitter hunt. We’ll have a special fox just for beginners, and if you tell me you’re coming, I can try to provide a lesson and/or mentor for the hunt. Talk in will be on the 146.61 repeater (correction to the RAG which said 145.29). Bring your 2 meter HT and some kids for family fun, and bring your FRS radios, smartphones, compasses and maps for more help and/or confusion. We’ll start at 9 am at Dryer Rd. Park, 7405 Dryer Road in Victor, with registration and practice, 9:30 for real hunting, and lunch around noon. But don’t arrive before 9 or you will be disqualified.

please RSVP to me so I can plan for mentors, lunch, prizes, etc.