Weather at K2AS

I’ve had a personal weather station running at my QTH for about 6 years.  For the last 5 or so it has been feeding the data to a Linux PC running various version of Ubuntu, and using a software package “Wview” to process the information.  It created HTML pages, FTP’ed the files to my website, submitted data to the CWOP “Citizen Weather Observer Program”, and also submitted info the Weather Underground.  A few of years ago I added a webcam to the system.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Raspberry Pi.  I wanted to replace the full PC that was running 24/7/365 with something that used less power.
Though not a simple process, I was able to get it all running again on the Raspberry Pi, but I had an annoying problem that kept causing the data from the weather station from being read.  Long story, but it is a known hardware issue that could be fixed in software, but I guess it hasn’t been a priority.  Since it is free SW, I really can’t complain.  It also is something that “might” be fixable within Linux, but requires more detailed knowledge that I could even find on Google.
So after some additional investigating, I found another program “Weewx”, that runs on Linux, and may be more immune to the problem and sounds like any workarounds required are simpler.
Again, after a fair amount of work, I was able to get Weewx up and running on my Raspberry Pi.  As I contemplated making changes to web page templates to suit my preferences, I came across an available “skin”, that looked interesting.  So I was off again trying to get it installed and configured to work properly.  After some more effort, I finally have got the site back up and running.
I still have a little more work to do, but here is a link to the website:
Here is a link to the CWOP page for my station K2AS:
Here is the link for my Weather Underground page KNYONTAR2:
Here is my weather station equipment:

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