My eBay HQ-145-X

I bought this Hammarlund HQ-145-X on eBay.  I paid a little more than I planned, but I got tired of losing auctions.  Got it Monday, and there is little cosmetic damage.  Dirt, on the other hand, is a different story.  The cover is well ventilated with thousands of holes, and 50+ years of dust build-up was on the top of the chassis.  The underneath side was clean.  It did work – I heard signals with just a wire off the back of the radio.  Audio gain pot was noisy, some controls not real smooth.

I Had already started to remove the knobs here –


Here is what the chassis looked like –

IMG_0854So I took the radio out to the garage to blow it out with some compressed air.  It helped alot, but as I blew off the front of the radio, the paint on the faceplate of the clock just started to peel right off, leaving this –

IMG_0867Thanks to Google and the internets, I found this –


So I should be able to reproduce this and get the clock looking normal again.  The radio is pretty decent, so I don’t think it will need a complete overhaul.  Mostly some cleaning, but we’ll see.






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