Club Logo?

If anyone is good at graphic design, we could really use a club logo.  Something that utilizes XARC, W2XRX, etc.  It could be used on the website, QSL cards, t-shirts . . . . . . . .

In the meantime, I played around with a few ideas –

xarc_nov18_a copy

xarc_nov18_d copy

xarc_nov18_e copy

xarc_nov18_f copy

xarc_nov18_g copy

xarc_nov18_s copy

xarc_nov18_k copy

xarc_nov18_j copy

xarc_nov18_i copy

xarc_nov18_h copy

xarc_nov18_q copy

xarc_nov18_q_sm copy

xarc_nov18_t4 copy

xarc_nov18_u1 copy


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